Black Tiger Sex Machine is a Montreal-based electronic music trio consisting of Marc Chagnon, Julien Maranda, and Patrick Barry. Since bursting onto the scene in 2012, they have built a rabid fanbase with their heavy electro sound and post-apocalyptic visuals. Their music draws from diverse influences, including old-school techno, classic rock, and 90s hip-hop, resulting in a unique and intense sound.

I think the way we approach music and live performance is very similar. We love to go hard, create new sounds, and really engage with our fans. It’s all about creating an immersive experience that people can really get lost in.


Black Tiger Sex Machine’s live shows are an experience like no other, as they combine tracks, loops, drums, samples, and synths into an intense barrage of sounds and beats. They wear their iconic Tiger Helmets during performances, adding to the spectacle. It’s no surprise that Ultra Records listed them as one of the Top 10 masked DJ acts in the industry. The trio is also the driving force behind Kannibalen Records, which has become one of the top independent labels in the game, shaping the careers of breakthrough artists like Kai Wachi, Apashe, Snails & Dabin.

Over the years, Black Tiger Sex Machine has built a reputation as one of the best live acts around, and their relentless production schedule has resulted in a string of hits, remixes, collaborations, and free singles that have drawn widespread acclaim. With a packed festival season and international tours, Black Tiger Sex Machine continues to solidify their position as one of the most promising acts in electronic music.