Nostalgix is a rising Canadian DJ and producer known for her high-energy and electrifying music. Born and raised in Vancouver, she started her music career as a drummer before transitioning to electronic dance music production. Her unique sound combines elements of bass-heavy genres such as bass house, G-house, and tech-house, creating a distinct and unforgettable style. Nostalgix has been gaining traction in the electronic music scene with her recent releases on labels such as Confession, Night Bass, and Insomniac Records.

I just love to create, express myself and try to connect with people through music. It’s the most beautiful thing.

In a recent interview, Nostalgix shared her perspective on the electronic dance music industry, “For me, the most important thing is being true to yourself and creating music that you love. The industry can be very competitive and overwhelming, but it’s important to stay focused on your own creative vision and not get caught up in the noise.” Her advice to aspiring producers is to be patient and persistent in pursuing their passion, “It takes time and hard work to develop your skills and make a name for yourself, but if you stay dedicated and true to your art, success will come.”

Nostalgix has quickly become a fan favorite, known for her high-energy live performances and infectious beats. Her music has been featured in numerous festivals and shows, including EDC Las Vegas and the Holy Ship! music festival. With a growing following and an impressive discography, Nostalgix is set to continue making waves in the electronic music scene. As she once said, “I want people to feel inspired and empowered by my music, to let loose and have a good time on the dance floor. That’s what it’s all about.”